Power Factor Correction
Save Energy with Power Factor Correction
Power Factor affects every operation with a 3-phase AC electrical supply to some degree or other.
Quite simply, Power Factor is a measure of how efficiently electrical power is consumed. The ideal Power Factor is unity, or one. Anything less than one, (or 100% efficiency), means that extra power is required to achieve the actual task at hand. This extra power is known as Reactive Power, which unfortunately is necessary to provide a magnetising effect required by motors and other inductive loads to perform their desired functions. However, Reactive Power can also be interpreted as wattless, magnetising or wasted power and an extra burden on the electricity supply.

The Reactive Power charge on your electricity bill is directly targeted against those companies who do not demonstrate clear energy efficiency use. You will find this charge itemised on your electricity bill.

Reactive power charges can be made significantly smaller by the introduction of Power Factor Correction Capacitors which is a widely recognised method of reducing an electrical load and minimising wasted energy, improving the efficiency of a plant and reducing the electricity bill.

A full site survey is required to determine what type and size of system is required to meet your current and future needs.
TECS will carry out the survey free of charge and give you a cost saving based on the diagnosis, enabling justification for the capital outlay of the equipment.

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