Infrared Thermal Imaging Surveys
Uncover hidden problems with less hassle
Electrical faults are often time consuming and costly to diagnose. Trying to find faults prior to them happening can be troublesome since switchgear and distribution boards have to be shut down, causing great inconvenience to numerous systems within your facility.
Infrared thermal imaging, however, avoids these issues and can pinpoint faults in seconds, perhaps months before they actually cause failure. This allows maintenance to be scheduled and workflow to continue, generally saving far more expense than the cost of the survey.
All of our thermographic surveys are carried out using the most advanced thermal imaging cameras and analysis software commercially available. Our  thermographers have excellent electrical engineering backgrounds with experience of working in all types of commercial and industrial environments.
So whether you require a survey to satisfy the policy requirements for your insurance company, fire risk assessment recommendations or as part of an ongoing predictive maintenance programme; you can be assured that the level of service provided by TECS will exceed all expectations.

Call us on 0845 094 5763 to book your Infrared Thermal Imaging survey
0845 094 5763

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