Energy Efficient Lighting
Save the environment while saving money
Energy Saving LightingLighting accounts for approximately 16% of the UK’s total electricity consumption and in commercial office installations it can represent half of all energy use.With this in mind TECS can supply & install a wide range of products that can reduce these costs by up to 60%.

LED lighting
Replace inefficient and wasteful lights (such as halogen and incandescent) with lights that contain new-age high brightness LEDs, contain no mercury and are made from recyclable materials. LED lights use at least 85% less energy than halogens and 50% less than CFL technology. LED lighting also lasts for a very long time – over 40,000 hours – and they are performance guaranteed for a minimum of two years.

Fit high frequency control gear (ballasts)
When linear fluorescent luminaires contain high frequency electronic ballasts, energy consumption is around 20% lower than with conventional magnetic ballasts. There are also a number of other advantages such as no flicker operation providing a more comfortable working environment & longer tube life.

Convert to T5 lamp technology
Replace your existing luminaires with a T5 equivalent or use your existing lighting and use a Retrofit T5 converter. T5 fluorescent lamps are thinner, more efficient, and offer a higher intensity of light output than T8 lamps. T5 Features:

Long lamp life (18,000 hours) minimizes maintenance cost
High energy saving (up to 52%)
Tri-phosphor coating gives good colour rendering and provides natural lighting colour
Quiet operation

Occupancy detection & Daylight compensation (Digital Dimming)
Many building spaces remain unoccupied with the lights on for 40% to 70% of the daily operating hours, wasting energy and money. Installing occupancy sensors is the perfect solution to automate the switching or dimming of the lights, reducing the energy wasted in unoccupied spaces.

High & low bay lighting
Replacing high/low bay luminaires with the latest T5 equivalent can provide the following energy savings over the conventional 400W Hi Bay Fitting:

50% as standard
70% if (OD) Occupation Detection is utilized
80% when both (ODD) Occupation Detection & Daylight compensation can be utilised.

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