Power Monitoring & Recording
The first step in saving energy
Power Monitoring & RecordingThe rising cost of energy means that optimal use of energy has become even more critical. The first step in managing energy is understanding ‘how much and when’ energy is being used. To discover that, you need power report.
Using the latest power logging and recording equipment we are able to record and log important electrical data. We can record and log various details about the incoming or sub mains supply over a period of up to 45 days and produce a detailed report of the findings.
Below is an example of the power report that we present to our clients following an in depth power monitoring survey.

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The types of information recorded are:
Voltage Frequency
Power Factor
Energy Usage

There are numerous reasons why you should get a power survey, below are a few ideas of
Load studies - verify electrical system capacity before adding loads
Energy assessments - quantify energy consumption before and after improvements to justify energy saving devices
Harmonics measurements - uncover harmonic issues that can damage or disrupt critical equipment
Voltage event capture - monitor for dips and swells that cause spurious resets or nuisance circuit breaker tripping

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