Energy Saving Solutions
Save the environment while saving money
IEnergy Saving Solutionsn today's climate with a greater awareness of green issues and the need to reduce CO2 emissions has increased considerably. And environmental concerns go hand in hand with financial considerations; the Climate Change Levy penalises excessive energy use via taxation, while actual energy prices rise ever more steeply.
With this in mind, TECS offer a range of energy saving solutions relating to the reduction of electrical energy consumed.

Energy Saving Surveys
TECS offer a complete no hassle service starting with a free initial survey to identify any possible energy savings. You will then be presented with a detailed quotation showing the potential cost savings and payback period for any investment made.
Some of the energy saving services that we offer include:

Energy Efficient Lighting & Lighting Controls
Variable Speed Drives
Voltage Optimisation
Power Factor Correction

Carbon Trust Loans
All the above energy saving solutions are eligible for a Carbon Trust Loan. The new easier to access scheme is offering leases, loans and other financing options from £1,000 upwards with no maximum to all types of organisations. Installing more efficient equipment should lower energy bills and with these savings should offset the loan repayments to pay for itself.

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