CCTV and Access Control
CCTV Installation
Our highly skilled team of CCTV Installers provide a comprehensive service fitting equipment to the highest standards..
We Install the latest CCTV systems for both domestic and commercial clients as well as maintaining existing systems.
All our systems record onto digital recorders. These have substantial benefits such as eliminating the headache of having to constantly change tapes.
The types of systems that we can install are:

Conventional co-axial wired CCTV
Network CCTV ( IP cameras)
Wireless CCTV

Access Control
An effective Access control system gives you control over who has access to your building. There are many different types of units that are able to do this on the market today.
One of the most common types of units is the keypad system with a series of numbered push buttons, or a touch sensitive pad, connected to the doors lock release mechanism via a control unit inside the entrance.
Becoming more commonplace are the card entry systems, these units allow access when a pre-programmed card is introduced to the terminal in order to gain access. These are generally more secure, essentially because they require the physical possession of an appropriate card or fob.

Some of the uses of access control are:

Controlling access and movement in offices and factories

Screening access to high value retail outlets

Securing residential apartments

Tracking movements of staff and visitors within your premises

Controlling access to car parks, operating barriers or gates

Visual and audio verification of visitors

TECS Fire & Security team specialises in the latest proximity door access systems, so called because they unlock the door or barrier when a token is placed near the terminal.
The PC based system is flexible and can incorporate additional requirements, such as time and attendance whereby it records arrivals and departures for payroll purposes, finding out who is where in a fire or other emergency, or discovering who went where, when and for how long for investigative purposes. All tend to integrate well with other security measures such as closed-circuit television.

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